Wendy Mitchell Consulting

Connecting businesses with government and public policy makers

With 20 years’ experience in the public and private sector, we translate how government operates to companies that are trying to achieve specific business goals.

Public policy decisions have statewide impact, but few firms understand the dynamics of Sacramento as it relates to the on-the-ground political reality of Los Angeles and Southern California.


I’ve known Wendy for many years, I can attest to her thorough professionalism and innate sense of which strategies will prove most effective. She’s bold, decisive and fiercely loyal. She’s a strong woman who gets the job done and I’m happy to call her a friend. I know if Wendy commits to something, she’s not going to stop until she wins.

Mayor Robert Garcia, City of Long Beach

Wendy's exceptional ability to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders, quick analytical skills and ability to multitask during the most strenuous work schedules to achieve the intended goals make her accomplishments even more impressive...She is a proven and experienced professional that understands all aspects of the political process from core constituent groups to the staff and ultimately the mind of an elected official.

Cesar Diaz - Legislative Director, State Building Trades Council

Having worked with Wendy, I can attest to her thorough professionalism and innate sense of what strategies will prove most effective. I enjoyed her dynamic, engaging style in solving the many problems we faced.

Edgar Khalatian - Partner, Mayer Brown LLC


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