Success Stories

Extension of ELDP Program

I successfully led the effort to achieve Environmental Leadership Development Project designation for 8150 Sunset Blvd, the first project in Southern California to achieve this designation. Achieved success by working directly with the Governor’s office, the Joint Legislative Budget Committee and the Office of Planning and Research. When an extension of the program from 2014 to 2016 was required, I had language included in a budget trailer bill in 2013 to successfully extend the program.

Devised Strategy for Real Estate Firm

When a large commercial real estate leasing firm wanted to change the way commercial real estate transactions were being executed, I was able to outline the direction the policy should take, identify a champion in the state legislature, build a team around the issue, and direct the most effective course of action.

Extension of CEQA Streamlining Policy

A client wanted to get an extension of a CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) streamlining policy, so I worked with the environmental groups to make sure they remained neutral or soft oppose on a high profile and highly politicized policy area. I also activated key labor groups that carried the political muscle to help move the policy.

State Budget

When the Budget Act of 2011 dissolved the Redevelopment Agencies, many cities and developers were caught in a quandary and needed guidance to finalize projects, get the money moved to the successor agency and make sure it all happened in a timely manner. This required someone who could figure out how the successor agencies would be organized, what the public policy objectives would be for the Department of Finance and get it done.

Used Strategic Connections to Mediate Political Issue

A large Southern California governmental entity changed their executive director and frustrated Senate Pro Tem Kevin DeLeon. I was able to bring the two parties together, outside of the Capitol, to talk about their shared goals and the future of the agency.